Friday, 29 July 2011

Posters of 13 Witches

Posters Created by Steve Lareau

13 Witches Behind the scenes... July 16

 Preparing for the shoot ...Make up running lines ,,,

 Lila Popa is Pandora
 Paula Elle is Lillith
 Alexandra Gagnon is playing one of Nemesis victimes

 Rob Compton was helping as a 1 st AD on this scene
 Reading the sides

Lila Popa and Miles Wilkinson

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Unofficial Poster of 13 Witches

The 13 Witches
First Row from left to Right
-Natasha Davidson
-Victoria Vice
-Paula Elle
-Marie West
-Lauren ( Lolly) Watson
-Lila Popa
Second Row From Left to Right
-Wanda Ayala
-Adiam Asrat
-Lea Kovack
-Sabine Mondestin
-Nicole Rockmann
-Sara Akeera
-Valerie Pauwels

Sunday, 24 July 2011

13 Witches Behind the scenes... July 10

Randy Rafuse helping Marie West with the sword ...

Laiken and Manie

Mike Thorkilsen ,Katt Charbonneau

Marie West and Nicole Rockmann

Randy Rafuse supervising the scene

Nicole Rockmann

Sharmain Yeaoh getting ready for her scene

Wanda Ayala ( Eurybia)

Wanda Ayala ( Eurybia) and sean Gilchrist ( Adrien)

Lolly Dowe and Mark Dowe

Paula Elle ( Lillith)

13 Witches Behind the scenes... July 9

Nicole Rockmann and Julia Emily are preparing themselves for their scenes ...

Guy Christie ( Stephan) and Nicole Rockmann

Randy Rafuse

A little rehearsal ...

Sabine Mondestin,Randy Rafuse and Victoria Vice ...

Katt Charbonneau a amazing make up artist

Julia Volchkova is a wonderful hair artist !!!

This corset is so tight at the end of the shoot I will have the most amazing waist ever !

Jennifer our super script supervisor