Sunday, 27 May 2012

13 Witches, Episode 4 ; A Mistress Will Get You Kill!

13 Witches, A Mistress Will Get You Kill!

Diana pay a visit to her friend for some advices , she gets way more than she was expected and Steve is about to have a crazy date...

Watch the performances of Guy Christie,Nicole Rockmann,Julia Emily,Lila Popa and Matthew Mandzij

Monday, 21 May 2012

13 Witches Episode 3: I Gave My Soul To The Devil!

13 Witches, I Gave My Soul To The Devil!

Nemesis manages to escape from Paul and his sons. A deal is strike between Nemesis and The Devil (Asmodeus), to revenge her family.

With Sabine Mondestin ,Steve Lareau ,Edwin Rodriguez ,Victoria Vice,Nicole Rockmann,Peter Maze ,Natasha Davidson,Adiam Asrat,Clayton Chitty,Cole Hatcher and Steve Jeays

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

13 Witches Episode 2 : You are sentenced to burn

Abeona is being sentenced to burn with her daughters by Paul and his sons.
Nemesis reveals some disturbing information to Diana.

 Check out the second episode of 13 witches with Jennifer Koenig,Cole Hatcher,Simon Martel,Steven Jeays ,Clayton Chitty Marie West ,Adiam Asrat ,Nicole Rockmann,Victoria Vice, Natasha Davidson, Lolly Dowe ,Paula Elle,Peter Maze ,Wanda Ayala and Sabine Mondestin

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

13 Witches Episode 1 : And the Journey begins

Diana is visited by the sexy Witches ...
Nemesis cast a spell to make her remember the horrible truth about her past life.

With voice of Lauren Watson . Performance of Sabine Mondestin,Victoria Vice,Nicole Rockmann,Adiam Asrat, Natasha Davidson ,E Marie West , the mother Jennifer Koenig and the brothers Clayton Chitty, Simon Martel,Steve Jeays and the father Cole Hatcher.

Enjoy this first episode

For more info about the cast follow the IMDB link :

Saturday, 5 May 2012

May 6 2012 ... First episode of 13 Witches on Youtube

My Destiny Production is proud to announce the 13 witches premiere, May 6 2012 at 8 pm western time. You’ve been waiting and tease by the pictures and the behind the scene ...Now is the time to enjoy the show .

Here's the Channel

Also here's all the posters of 13 witches to get you excited about all the wonderful characters and actors of the show .All the posters are by Steve Lareau
Jennifer Koenig -Abeona
Adiam Asrat-Enyo

Sean Gilchrist-Adrian

Ashley Young-Tina
Edwin Rodriguez-Anubis
Ferrone Gavriel-Salome
Steve Lareau-Asmodeus

Wanda Ayala-Eurybia
Bruno Nella-The Demon
Rob Compton-Charles
Clayton Chitty-Christian
Dominique Brownes-Danica

Steven Jeays-Daniel

Guy Christie-Stephan
Natasha Davidson-Isis

Adan Beauchesne-Ken
Lila Popa - Pandora

Lea Kovach-Venus

Lionel Marye-Ben

Lauren Watson-Themis

Marie West-Athena
Randy Rafuse-Mark

Nicole Rockmann-Diana

Paula Elle-Lilith

Cole Hatcher - Paul

Valerie Pauwels-Persephore

Official Poster of 13 Witches

Sabine Mondestin

Sabine Mondestin-Nemesis Sekhmet

Sara Akeera-Hera
Anelora Popa-Selena

Julia Lawton-Sheila

Xander Martel-Caleb

Matthew Mandzij-Steve

Victoria Vice - Andromeda

New Posters of 13 witches

Ferrone Gavriel is Salome
Adam Beauchesne is Ken

Rob Compton is Charles

Anelore Popa is Selena

Last day of shooting 13 Witches: Behind The Scene Episode # 18

This is some fum moment of our last day of shooting ...We had fun and trying to to take ourselves to seriously...

Enjoy !