Sunday, 26 August 2012

13 Witches, Episode 17; Quest for Power

13 Witches, Quest For Power

Adrian delivers an important message to Eurybia in exchange of a reward.
Isis and Persephore are questioning their loyalty to Nemesis.

 Watch the wonderful performance of Wanda Ayala ,Sean Gilchrist,Victoria Vice,Sara Aktary,Adiam Asrat,Valerie Pauwels,Natasha Davidson,Clayton Chitty

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Still of 13 Witches

Still of Steve Lareau

Still of Randy Rafuse and Anelore Popa

Still of Jennifer Koenig and Cole Hatcher

Still of Nicole Rockmann ,Victoria Vice and Adam Beauchene

Monday, 20 August 2012

13 Witches, Episode 16 A love-hate relationship

13 Witches, A love--hate relationship

Two years ago everything was going wonderfully in Christian's life, until he sees his Nemesis...What will happen to the one who started this tragedy?

Here's the 16 th episode of the great legend of 13 Witches with Feronne Gavriel ,Clayton Chitty ,Sara Akeera,Adiam Asrat and Sabine Mondestin

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Stills of 13 Witches

Still of Sara Akeera

Still of Paula Elle
Still of Ashley Young and Bruno Nella

Friday, 17 August 2012

New stills of 13 Witches

Still of Sabine Mondestin
Still of Edwin Rodriguez
Still of Steve Lareau and Sabine Mondestin

Still of Clayton Chitty

13 Witches, Episode 15 The Tale of Nemesis

The Tale of Nemesis

Diana is having Venus,Pandora and Themis for a wine night, where she'll learn the hidden human nature of Nemesis.

The episode with the most cast !! Watch the performance of Lila Popa,Lea Kovach, Lauren Watson ,Nicole Rockmann,Sabine Mondestin,Victoria Vice ,Valerie Pauwels ,Jennifer Koenig,E Marie West,Adiam Asrat,Natasha Davidson,Wanda Ayala,Clayton Chitty ,Simon Martel,Steve Jeays,and Guy Christie


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Still of "13 Witches"

Still of Sara Akeera,Dominique Brownes and Rob Compton

Still of Jennifer Koenig
Still of Sabine Mondestin and Nicole Rockmann

13 Witches : #1 on We Loves Soaps, this week

Dear all the wonderful fans of our show , thank you again for your support with 13 Witches we are # 1 this week with our episode " Who's the bitch now " !!! Congratulation to Lolly Dowe ( Lauren Watson) for her 2 nd position as favorite actress of the week !!!

***** Now let's do the same with our episode The tale of Nemesis ,The poll will start Saturday ****

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Stills Of 13 Witches

Still of Victoria Vice 
Sill of Sabine Mondestin and Victoria Vice
Still of Nicole Rockmann ,Sabine Mondestin,Victoria Vice,Natasha Davidson and Adiam Asrat
Still of Sabine Mondestin and Victoria Vice

Episode 14 on We Love Soaps

Let's beat the amazing result we got last week on We Loves Soaps  with our episode "Who's the Bitch Now" with Lauren Watson,Randy Rafuse,Roman Nenadic and Anelora Popa.Once you vote for 13 Witches scroll down on the list of shows and just after all the other web series you will be able to vote for your best actor and actress ...We have some crazy talented actors on on 13 witches who deserves more exposure!!! Here's the link

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Episode 13 had an amazing success on We Loves Soaps

WOW ...Episode 13 " A Clumsy first time " made a great impression on WE LOVES SOAPS ...We received the 2 nd position as the favorite web series on the week .
-Edwin Rodriguez has the fourth position as the favorite actor of the week
e West and Sabine Mondestin got the 4 th position as favorite couple of actors of the week .
-Sabine Mondestin got the first position as favorite actor !!! Thank you for your support ,you guys are amazing ...Here's the link of the results

****Now lets make episode 14 " who's the bitch now" and all the actors in it number one !!! the poll will start this Saturday,I will post the link soon *****

Sunday, 5 August 2012

13 Witches, Episode 14 Who's The Bitch Now ?

13 Witches, Episode 14 Who's The Bitch Now?

13 Witches, Who's the Bitch now ?

Themis is determinate to take revenge on Mark, the man who abused her for years ...Now that she has been reborn as a powerful goddess, she will reduce him to slavery after a rough fight.

Watch the performance of Lauren Watson,Randy Rafuse ,Anelore Popa and Roman Nenadic

For more info on all the cast in crew