Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Episode 13 had an amazing success on We Loves Soaps

WOW ...Episode 13 " A Clumsy first time " made a great impression on WE LOVES SOAPS ...We received the 2 nd position as the favorite web series on the week .
-Edwin Rodriguez has the fourth position as the favorite actor of the week
e West and Sabine Mondestin got the 4 th position as favorite couple of actors of the week .
-Sabine Mondestin got the first position as favorite actor !!! Thank you for your support ,you guys are amazing ...Here's the link of the results

****Now lets make episode 14 " who's the bitch now" and all the actors in it number one !!! the poll will start this Saturday,I will post the link soon *****

1 comment:

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