Tuesday, 31 July 2012

13 Witches, Episode 13 : A Clumsy First Time


13 Witches, A Clumsy First Time

Three years ago, Nemesis was sure she knew how to bring back Athena from the dead... Unfortunately for her, she soon realized that her sister is way stronger than first imagined.

 Watch the Amazing performance of E Marie West, Edwin Rodriguez,Sabine Mondestin,Lea Kovach,Lila Popa,Victoria Vice,Jennifer Koenig,Natasha Davidson,Wanda Ayala,Valerie Pauwels, Lauren Watson,Adiam Asrat,Nicole Rockmann,Steve Jeays, Cole Hatcher ,Peter Maze,Xander Martel.Clayton Chitty,Steve Lareau and our AMAZING special guests Laiken and Mamie Laverock ..Subscribe to the channel on  Youtube to watch all the upcoming episode of this amazing legend of 13 Witches

Monday, 23 July 2012

13 Witches, Ep 12: Obscure Conspiracy


13 Witches, Obscure Conspiracy

Three years ago, Athena accepted Nemesis's invitation for shelter and food.
She rapidly realized there was an evil conspiracy hidden behind this new friendship.

Watch the performance of  Marie West,Sabine Mondestin,Sharmaine Yeoh, Edwin Rodriguez,Ashley Young and Bruno Nella 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

13 Witches Ep 11 :Twisted Sisters


13 Witches Twisted Sisters

Nemesis follows Athena to the park and try to fix their relationship but she's not in the mood for forgiveness. Will they go wild on each other?

Watch the performance of Marie West ,Sabine Mondestin and Jennifer Koenig

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Official Website :13-witches.com

Saturday, 14 July 2012

This week on We Love Soaps

Last week with our episode 9 we won the poll of We love Soaps ...This week let's keep our position with our episode 10 staring Rob Compton,Lionel Marye,Sara Aktary and Dominique Brownes...You have until Monday night to vote for us ...Also vote for the best actors it will help for the exposition of our actors of 13 witches :) Thank you so so much for your support...Here's the link
13 Witches Never Betray A Mistress

Mistress Hera (Sara Akeera) is ordering Ben the slave zombie, to clean up the house because she is having an old friend over tonight! But Goddess Hera have a little surprise for Danica and her husband Charles. What could it be?

Staring :Sara Aktary,Dominique Brownes,Lionel Marye and Rob Compton



We won the poll of We loves Soap for our episode 9

Yeah !!! Our episode 9 "Deadly Threesome," finish on the top this week on We love Soap !!! Thanks to all of you for supporting us

Sunday, 1 July 2012

13 Witches, Episode 9 Deadly Threesome


13 Witches, Deadly Threesome

Andromeda and Diana are haunting for power and Ken becomes a pray in a steamy threesome...

 One of our hottest episode of 13 Witches with Victoria Vice,Nicole Rockmann,Adam Beauchesne,Guy Christie,Andrea Ace Stefancikova,Adiam Asrat,Sara Aktary,Clayton Chitty and Sabine Mondestin...

Steve Lareau used his wonderful talent of editor and music supervisor to create the amazing sexy vibe in this episode !