Monday, 31 December 2012

13 Witches at the LA WEB Festival

Dear Amazing 13 Witches fans: Cool news from LAWEB Festival



We have elected to screen Episodes 8 (5:07), 11 (4:41) & 12 (6:12) for a TRT of 16:00 "


Thank you so much for  your support  

From Sabine Mondestin and Steve lareau Producers of 13 Witches 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Victoria Vice_Andromeda

            Originally from Kingston Ontario, Victoria had set her sites on pursing advertising as a career. Her goal was to be creative director of an ad agency. Only a few short years after receiving her degree in Web & Graphic Design she still felt a strong void in what she wanted to do with her life and finally came to terms with making acting a career rather than just a dream.  At the age of 21 she moved to Vancouver and jumped feet first into the unpredictable acting scene.  Throughout the years Victoria has focused on mainly independents as her strategy in making Victoria Vice a well known figure in the world of entertainment. Her reasoning behind this strategy is that “its a good way to meet passionate and extremely driven people who want to create art everyday just as much as you do.  When you get to grow with a group of talented people and see how everything is done from the beginning to the end it just gives you a whole new sense of perspective and appreciation, the high to create becomes even more extreme. You never know when something could actually take off. A lot of indies have gained invaluable recognition that inevitably catapults an actors career.” Victoria also has a keen business sense, calling herself a “Creator” rather than just an actress. 
Vice is currently in the exciting process of developing a beauty line as well as creating a children's franchise.

Favourite Quote.  “Thank you for my imagination to dream and my ability to do. Thank you for my extraordinary life.” VV

Sunday, 11 November 2012

13 Witches : The Movie

While we are still going through the recent distribution deal offers,
MyDestiny Production is proud to announce the release of

13 Witches: The Movie.

Watch it now at

Thank you for your support!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

13 Witches at the American Film Market

The producers of 13 Witches are so excited to announce that we are going to LA at the American Film Market to close some deal for the movie version of the show ! Wish us good luck :)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Great Still of the sexy fantasy show 13 Witches

Still of Lila Popa and Victoria Vice

Still of Lauren Watson,Randy Rafuse,Sabine Mondestin,Ashley Young,Victoria Vice,Wanda Ayala and Adiam Asrat

Still of Lila Popa and Matthew Mandzij
Still of Sabine Mondestin

Still of Lea Kovack,Nicole Rockmann and Lauren Watson

Still of Lea Kovack,Marie West,Jennifer Koenig,Lauren Watson,Natasha Davidson and Sabine Mondestin

Still of Lea Kovack

Still of Sabine Mondestin

Monday, 17 September 2012

13 Witches on NextTV Entertainment

Dear All the Wonderful Fan of 13 Witches ...We Need your help BIG TIME !!!
During the call-for-entries period of the NexTv WEB SERIES & INDIE FILM COMPETITION that I'm participating in, there is a monthly peer-voting "Shortcut to the Finals". The top vote-getter each month gets to bypass the selection process and go straight to the finals of the overall competition (which is still ongoing). The industry heavy-weights involved are huge (ICM, GERSH, DISNEY, FOX, WARNER BROS,?
), so getting to the finals is extremely significant.

Here is how to vote:

1. Go to
2. Find # 57 :13 Witches is listed under "Sabine Mondestin"
4. Then click on VOTE.


Please spread the word!

We appreciate your support.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Amazing Stills of the episodes of 13 Witches

Still of Marie E West and Edwin Rodriguez

Still of Sabine Mondestin

Still of Lauren Watson

Still of Nicole Rockmann,Guy Christie and Julia Lawton

Still of Steve Lareau and Sabine Mondestin

Still of Nicole Rockmann,Adam Beauchene and Victoria Vice

New Stills of the great legend 13 Witches

Still of Sabine Mondestin
Still of Dominique Brownes

Still of Sabine Mondestin ,Clayton Chitty and Wanda Ayala
Still of Steve Lareau and Sabine Mondestin

13 Witches took the number 1 spot on We loves Soaps for the Grande Finale!!

Oh YESSSS ...The Grande finale of 13 Witches won again best Episode of this week on We Loves Soap !!!! This will be our 5 th time :))

-Anubis and Athena ( Edwin Rodriguez and E Marie West) won the 2 position as the best couple of actors

Steve Lareau and Clayton Chitty won the 2 nd and the 3 nd positions as the best actors

-E Marie West won the 3 nd position as the best actress !!

Thank you so much for all your support...It means a lot for me and everyone involve with 13 Witches ...We are competing in other festivals so soon I will need your good vibes again

Thursday, 6 September 2012

New stills of 13 Witches

Still of Nicole Rockmann,Lea Kovack and Victoria Vice

Still of Sabine Mondestin

Sill of Steve Lareau and Sabine Mondestin
Still of Lauren Watson and Roman Nenadic

Still of Marie E West

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

13 Witches on Lawebfest

13 Witches on Next TV Web series competion

Dear Fans, we need all your good vibes for that...13 Witches is competing in the NEXT TV web series competition...The judging panels include some of the top names in the industry. It is awesome for the exposure of the actors of " 13 witches" and the show.

Here's the list just to name a few:

Josie Freedman (Premiere film Agent, ICM)

Jay Francis (Director of Original Programming at DISNEY Channel, Disney XD)
Nikki Levy (VP, Wedge Works a
Adrianne Anderson (VP, Marketing at WARNER BROTHERS Television)
Sebastian Twardosz (Partner, Circus Road Film, DISTRIBUTOR/Feature Film Rep)
Greg Henry (Head of Production, Part2 Pictures, Oprah’s OWN, NAT GEO)
Aaron Simpson (founder/editor of,, Exec at Mondo Media)
Joel Milner (Lit Agent and Owner, Larchmont Literary Agency)
Dan Bree (Doc. Producer, The HISTORY CHANNEL)
Tanya Mallean (Attorney at Skryzniarz & Mallean – Penelope Cruz, Darren Lynn Boussman)
Karen Malach (Exec at Technicolor, formerly at DISNEY, SONY, FOX)
Karina Bessouda (Head of Marketing, Toon Boom Animation)
Joan Vogelesang (CEO, Toon Boom Animation)
Richie Jackson (Exec Producer of SHOWTIME’S NURSE JACKIE)

Monday, 3 September 2012

13 Witches, Episode 18 The Game of Evil "Season Finale"

13 Witches, The Game of Evil

300 hundred years ago, a single day change everything for Christian and his brothers it will also be a life changing moment for Nemesis and her sisters.
The 13 Witches first season grand finale will surprise and shock you.

With Steve Lareau ,Edwin Rodriguez ,Clayton Chitty, Simon Martel ,Marie West,Steve Jeays ,Guy Christie and Sabine Mondestin

Here's last episode of the FIRST SEASON of 13 Witches ...After this episode you will WANT to watch the second season

Sunday, 26 August 2012

13 Witches, Episode 17; Quest for Power

13 Witches, Quest For Power

Adrian delivers an important message to Eurybia in exchange of a reward.
Isis and Persephore are questioning their loyalty to Nemesis.

 Watch the wonderful performance of Wanda Ayala ,Sean Gilchrist,Victoria Vice,Sara Aktary,Adiam Asrat,Valerie Pauwels,Natasha Davidson,Clayton Chitty

Like our Facebook fan page :

Still of 13 Witches

Still of Steve Lareau

Still of Randy Rafuse and Anelore Popa

Still of Jennifer Koenig and Cole Hatcher

Still of Nicole Rockmann ,Victoria Vice and Adam Beauchene

Monday, 20 August 2012

13 Witches, Episode 16 A love-hate relationship

13 Witches, A love--hate relationship

Two years ago everything was going wonderfully in Christian's life, until he sees his Nemesis...What will happen to the one who started this tragedy?

Here's the 16 th episode of the great legend of 13 Witches with Feronne Gavriel ,Clayton Chitty ,Sara Akeera,Adiam Asrat and Sabine Mondestin

For more on the cast and crew 

Stills of 13 Witches

Still of Sara Akeera

Still of Paula Elle
Still of Ashley Young and Bruno Nella

Friday, 17 August 2012

New stills of 13 Witches

Still of Sabine Mondestin
Still of Edwin Rodriguez
Still of Steve Lareau and Sabine Mondestin

Still of Clayton Chitty

13 Witches, Episode 15 The Tale of Nemesis

The Tale of Nemesis

Diana is having Venus,Pandora and Themis for a wine night, where she'll learn the hidden human nature of Nemesis.

The episode with the most cast !! Watch the performance of Lila Popa,Lea Kovach, Lauren Watson ,Nicole Rockmann,Sabine Mondestin,Victoria Vice ,Valerie Pauwels ,Jennifer Koenig,E Marie West,Adiam Asrat,Natasha Davidson,Wanda Ayala,Clayton Chitty ,Simon Martel,Steve Jeays,and Guy Christie


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Still of "13 Witches"

Still of Sara Akeera,Dominique Brownes and Rob Compton

Still of Jennifer Koenig
Still of Sabine Mondestin and Nicole Rockmann

13 Witches : #1 on We Loves Soaps, this week

Dear all the wonderful fans of our show , thank you again for your support with 13 Witches we are # 1 this week with our episode " Who's the bitch now " !!! Congratulation to Lolly Dowe ( Lauren Watson) for her 2 nd position as favorite actress of the week !!!

***** Now let's do the same with our episode The tale of Nemesis ,The poll will start Saturday ****

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Stills Of 13 Witches

Still of Victoria Vice 
Sill of Sabine Mondestin and Victoria Vice
Still of Nicole Rockmann ,Sabine Mondestin,Victoria Vice,Natasha Davidson and Adiam Asrat
Still of Sabine Mondestin and Victoria Vice