Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Growing up in small coastal town in Northeast Queensland, Australia, Steven enjoyed a relaxed surfer lifestyle.  He studied graphic design, creative writing, photography, film and language at University of the Sunshine Coast, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduation, a friend suggested Steven try acting and there was no turning back. He worked on his North American accent and headed for Vancouver, BC.
  Since being in Vancouver, Steven says he has been fortunate to have found great mentorship and acting training, with Jeb Beach and Mathew Harrison at The Actor’s Foundry. He has also studied with Cara McDowell, Gina Chiarelli, Ben Parkinson and others. After just a few classes, Steven started to book work and appeared in several short films including “Henry’s War”, which is under consideration in the 168-Hour Film Festival in Los Angeles.  He also starred in lead roles in the shorts, “Lucky” and “Game Over” and in television commercials for Nokia, Frisbee and Campbell Soup. 
   A Rhee Tae Kwon-Do instructor in Australia with 14 years of training, Steven has his black belt and says he is excited to see that many of his fellow actors in “Heart of Dance” are also martial arts enthusiasts.  His favorite sports in Australia were free-running (parkour) and surfing, but once Steven moved to Canada’s west coast, the lack of big waves, made him switch pastimes and jump whole heartedly into his new passions - hip hop and break dancing. 
   Steven says he is excited to be part of a project that combines his love of dance with acting. “Heart of Dance” marks his feature film debut.

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