Tuesday, 11 October 2011

13 Witches Behind the scenes... Setember 11

 Steve Lareau is getting ready for his day ...
 Checking his equipments ...
 Clayton Chitty and Ferrone Gavriel are rehearsing their lines

 Steve Lareau is smiling and ready !!!!
 Randy Rafuse is looking forward to start shooting
Randy is helping with wardrobe today ...multitask

 Natasha is doing the make up ...She let us use her house to film our scene today she is amazing !

 Clayton Chitty working on his next scene .

 Adiam Asrat and Sarah Akeera having fun

 Ferrone Gavriel
www.natashasmakeup.ca Natasha Kapova did this amazing make up on Sabine Mondestin

 Randy Rafuse
 Sabine Mondestin,Adiam Asrat ,Sara Akeera
 Natasha Kapova www.natashasmakeup.ca

Adiam ,Sabine,Sara

 The Amazing work of Ashley Young

 Adiam Asrat
 Still from a scene with Sabine Mondestin,Adiam Asrat and Clayton Chitty
 Steve Lareau was taking the stills today

 Ashley Young was helping with the boom

Randy Rafuse and Steve Lareau

 Adiam Asrat is playing Enyo
 Sara Akeera ( Hera)enjoying her cigarette between the scenes

 Sabine Mondestin and Sara Akeera
 Adiam,Ferrone,Sara and Sabine

Adiam working on her lines

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