Thursday, 29 September 2011

13 Witches Behind the scenes... Setember 3

 Clayton Chitty is Christian
 Steven Jeays is Daniel
 Xander ( Simon) Martel is Caleb
 Peter Maze

 The actors arrive at the location

Adiam,Lauren ( Lolly),Nicole and Rob

Randy and Clayton

 Cole Hatcher is Paul
 Rob and Nicole

 Jennifer Koenig is Abeona
Randy and Lolly

 Wanda Ayala is Eurybia

Marie West,Wanda Ayala,Adiam Asrat,Nicole Rockmann and Lauren (lolly) Watson

 Cole and Jennifer

The Brothers

The bad guys

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  1. The weather this day looks gorgeous! I feel warmer just thinking about it up here in wintry New Hampshire!