Wednesday, 28 September 2011

13 Witches Behind the scenes... August 28

 Julia Lawton ( Sheila ) and Guy Christie ( Stephan)
 Our two wonderful make up artist Natasha Karpova
And Kristen Marie Foote

Andrea Stefancifova and Sabine Mondestin
 Poor Guy surrounded by two Model ...Andrea and Julia
 Lea is having fun between the shoot
 Natasha is taking picture of the our beautiful Andrea
Sabine Mondestin is Nemesis Sekhmet

 Sabine and Lea
 Steve is so funny ...He is a real entertainer
 Group picture !!!
Adiam and Wanda

 Randy is thinking of something ...
Our sexy Venus ( Lea Kovack)

Lea is biting Julia

No those evil signs on the floor are not real but they look cool !!!

Sabine is trying to find a cool wardrobe for Ashley Young
Blocking of the scene with Julia

Blocking again with Julia and Randy

Steve a Sabine ...the cool couple

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