Tuesday, 6 September 2011

13 Witches Behind the scenes... August 21

 The wardrobe is always hard to put together
Our wonderful script supervisor Isabelle Landry is watching the Teaser of `13 Witches``

 Alexandra Gagnon and Roman Nenadic
 Isabelle is helping Nicole Rockmann with her lines
 Roman is having fun while is waiting
 Natasha Karpova is in charge of all the make up for our beautiful actress

 Still fighting with the boots but now I ask for help ...
Rehearsal ...

Victoria Vice ( Andromeda)

 Still from the scene

Fun between the shoot ...

 Fun between the shoot ...
Fun between the shoot ...

 Fun between the shoot ...

Natasha Davidson,Victoria Vice,Adiam Asrat and Sabine Mondestin

Natasha Kapova was amazing on the make up ...

Victoria Vice,Sabine Mondestin,Adiam Asrat,Nicole Roockmann and Natasha Davidson

Natasha Davidson

 Adiam Asrat
Natasha Davidson

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