Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jennifer Koenig - Abeona

Jenn Koenig is an explorer of the creative arts; painter, gardener, crafter. She is the ninth child born in a Winnipeg family and was a shy girl who happily spent time with animals, creating art or reading.  Ironically she found her most profound creative expression as a story teller/actor.

After working in film and television in other capacities Jenn moved to Vancouver in 2009 to resume studying and pursue the craft of acting. This has led to her being cast in the upcoming thriller “Embedded” an episode of “Fringe” and most recently as Abeona in the web series “13 Witches”.

Raised on a diet of “Chiller Thriller” television movies, H.P Lovecraft stories, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle’s, attending a church with it’s own exorcist and older brothers that took great joy in terrifying her, it is an appreciated opportunity to express her most “witchy” self.

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