Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lauren Watson - Themis

Lauren Watson was born on the 6th of August in Adelaide, South Australia and moved to Tasmania, Australia at a young age.

In June 2010 she moved to Vancouver, Canada where she has hit the ground running, appearing in the blockbuster Hollywood film "This Means War".

Lauren also jumped in to the Vancouver indie circuit, booking the lead role in independent horror feature film, "From Beneath", directed by David Doucette, along with many other independent short films and of course the role of "Themis" in the hot new web-series "13 Witches", written and directed by Sabine Mondestin.

Lauren has quickly built an impressive, ever-growing resume and fan base since her arrival. Lauren loves to communicate and interact with her fans and makes every effort to do so as much as possible.

Her passion for life and positive energy radiates through everyone she meets and is certainly one up-and-coming talented actress you should keep your eye on!

You can find out more about Lauren Watson via her website

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