Thursday, 11 August 2011

13 Witches Behind the scenes... August 7 th

Mamie and Laiken two beautiful princesses

To create a look for a show it take a lots of concentration...Here we see Sabine thinking about hoe to make this scene attractive visually by putting together the perfect wardrobe.
 Natasha Karpova and Lea Kovack ( Venus)
 Our set is always full of food and fun ...The recipe for a successful day
 Sabine Mondestin organising the day
 hair and make up under the beautiful sun ...A wonderful day
 Lauren Watson getting her hair and make up done at the same time
 Ashley Young operating her magic on Lila Popa's hair
A Ashley Young 's creation

 Rob Compton acting as a 1st assistant director for the day
 Theses candy are additives
Blocking of the scene
 Ashley Young's creation

 The amazing Ashley Young

 Natasha Kapova and Sabine Mondestin
 Nicole Rockmann and Lauren Watson running their lines
 Ashley Young's creation

 Our Beautiful actresses getting ready for their scenes

 Long long days on set ...
 In this production the most important thing is to be multitask and team work . Natasha our wonderful make up artist is helping with the boom .

 Mark Dowe was helping with the camera 2 because our second camera operator,Lauren Watson Dowe was acting.
 Lauren Watson ( Themis)
 Nicole Rockmann ( Diana) is enjoying a nice break before her scene
 Lea Kovack ( Venus)
 The candies again...they were so addictives
 Steve Lareau playing with some games...We all need to release the stress
 The two sunshine of the day Mamie and Laiken
 Guy Christie ( Stephan) is getting his make up done by Kristen Foote

 Our first assistant Rob Compton helping with wardrobe ...

 Nicole Rockmann ( Diana)
 Victoria Vice ( Andromeda)
 Still from a scene between Nicole Rockmann and Guy Christie

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  1. Cool stuff. Looks like you are all putting in a great effort into the project.