Tuesday, 2 August 2011

13 Witches Behind the scenes... July 31

Jo Wiehler is an amazing soul. Thank you for letting us using your house.
 Natasha Kaporva with Natasha Davidson
 Marie West ( Athena) ,Lea Kovack ( Venus),Jennifer Koenig (Abeona) and Victoria Vice ( Andromeda)
 The Sexy Lila Popa ( Pandora )
 Sabine Mondestin ( Nemesis Sehkmet) fixing the wardrobe of Natasha
 Sabine Mondestin and Lauren ( lolly) Watson
 Adiam Asrat ( Enyo) and Sabine Mondestin ( Nemesis Sekmet)
 The gorgeous Jennifer Koenig is playing Abeona
 Natasha Karpova is an amazing Make up artist plus a wonderful hair stylist .
 Wanda Ayala ( Eurybia) with Sabine Mondestin
 A beautiful scene ...
 Sabine explaining the scene to Lauren

 Steve Lareau was operating the two camera he is the best
 Rebecca Saunders did the make up for all the 12 actress that day ...She is amazing and fast !!
 Lea Kovack is relaxing ....
 Jo Wiehler art work .She is so talented

 It's always hard to direct a scene when you act in it ...
 Jo Wiehler's house was perfect for the shoot . Her house is wonderful. She did the decoration herself.

 The sisters ...17 th century

 Sabine and Marie talking about the scene before we start to shoot.

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