Tuesday, 2 August 2011

13 Witches Behind the scenes... July 17

 Natasha Karpova working on Lauren ( lolly) Watson
 Randy Rafuse ,Sabine Mondestin and Ashley Young
 Steve Lareau decorating the set
 Sabine Mondestin giving the wardrobe to Anelore Popa for the scene
 Mike Thorkilsen and Randy Rafuse are having a little talk before the shoot
 Roman Nenadic and Steve lareau are preparing the set for the Roman's stunt
 Lauren ( lolly) Watson is getting her hair done by Ashley Young
 Anelore Popa is getting her make up done by Natasha Karpova
 A little rehearsing for the fight with Thomas J Potter fight director.

 Rehearsing of the lines
 Randy Rafuse is playing Mark
 A little fun on set with Steve Lareau and Randy rafuse

 Still rehearsing the fight with Thomas J Potter

 Anelore Popa plays Selena

 The beautiful Anelore Popa
 Steve Lareau is operating the camera

 Thomas J Potter Fight director
 Lauren ( lolly ) Watson plays the  sexy and seductive Themis

 The set was great ...

 Lauren ( lolly ) Watson and Roman Nenadic ( Barry)
 Anelore Popa

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  1. Anelore's got legs, and she knows how to use them!
    I hope no one got hurt during your fight scenes! That's the benefit of blocking, it helps you slim down the chances of getting injured!